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We are creative software house. Our main goal is to make Internet world more beautiful and useful. We are coding both simple and CMS backend websites, and dedicated web applications as well. Have a questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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ux design


graphic design

cms systems

responsive design


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Are you are interested in making some projects with us? Come and choose product for you. Our most popular product are: websites, CMS websites and applications. Even if you did`t find anything for you - contact us!

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Simple websites

Do you need a simple website for your brand? That’s great! Our websites are always responsive. Your visitors will easily view your website on desktop, tablet or mobile phone displays.

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CMS websites

Want to add texts and photos by yourself? You need a website with Content Management System. We can do it for you. Modern design with customized plugins. Just tell us what you need!

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Bespoke applications

Something suiting your needs? New application? Maybe old one to refresh? You are in right place. Let`s talk about your ideas and needs.

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Our projects

Few examples of our recent web projects. Enjoy watching!

The team

We are a group of creative people. We love modern solutions. We do not know words “that is impossible” or “I can not do this”. Let`s meet!


Our expert in HTML5 and CSS3. Both in free and in busy time - she is running. Healthy food and healthy life style lover.

Team Natalia SoftQ
Front-end Developer


Our psychology and graphic design expert. Art lover. Hobbies? Traveling, swimming in foreign seas and walking in the mountains.

Team Kasia SoftQ
UX/UI Designer


A programmer who sees more than 200 colours. What is even more strange he knows all it’s names. Hobbies? Traveling, teaching students and of course drinking Apa beer.

Team Paweł SoftQ
JAVA Developer


He finds bugs everywhere. Unfortunately in spelling too. Beagle and climbing lover. In free time he is reading books and learning Java.

Team Tomek SoftQ
Software Tester


Over 10 years programming experience. In the free time he usually works but sometimes he make nice photos too.

Team Grzesiek SoftQ
JAVA Developer


The most quiet person of us. Quiet and effective. First hobby - watching stars with a telescope, second one - reading books. Only good books.

Team Jerzy SoftQ
JAVA Developer


Our language expert - she knows over three languages. In her free time, she enjoys her healthy style of life. Also, she loves to play with her beagle.

Team Karolina SoftQ
Office Manager


Years and years of experience in programming. As a CEO he has no free time. But in the weekend he listens to Dwojka Polish Radio and Adam Strug music and hugs his little daughter.

Team Michał SoftQ

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SoftQ Sp. z.o.o

Oleandry 2 Street

30-063 Kraków


+48 694 165 212

+48 795 207 701

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Have a questions? Write to us. We are always happy to make new contacts.